Adiona is a cloud based construction management system that is optimized for companies that compete for government projects that have been set aside for small business. The system is organized as a collection of modules to help improve and automate the processes and procedures needed by small businesses to meet the unique requirements of the federal construction marketplace. It is simple, easy to use, and affordable. All modules include unlimited projects and users to encourage participation by everyone in your organization.

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Federal Contracting Opportunities

SAMSearch™ is a free alternative to the ‘Saved Searches’ feature on It assists federal contractors in identifying opportunities that fit your target project profile. It’s search feature provides functionality similar to that of the FBO’s search feature that was so popular with Prime Contractors prior to the migration to the website.

A search can include a specific procuring agency/sub tier/office, place of performance, a primary NAICS code, small business set-aside type and other criteria. You can refine the search by modifying the criteria until you are happy with the results. Each search can be named and saved for later use. You will receive email notifications when any of your saved searches find new opportunities or when changes are posted to opportunities you are tracking.

SAMSearch™ is available free of charge to individual users and is integrated with collaboration features of the the Adiona Opportunity Tracking module.

Opportunity Tracking

Federal construction projects that are available for bidding are normally posted on the procurement website (formerly  SAMSearch™ allows you to find opportunities by providing functionality similar to the previous FBO saved searches. You can create and save multiple searches and schedule email notifications when new opportunities are found or an opportunity you are tracking is updated. SAMSearch™ for individuals is available at no cost by requesting a free account.

The Adiona Bidding module provides all of the SAMSearch™ features plus automatic updates, lead tracking, a bid calendar, IFB manager, pending proposal summary, and a history of previous bidding activity. Subscriptions for individuals and small businesses are available for a small monthly fee. A 30 day free trial of any Adiona module is available by requesting an evaluation account.

The bidding module workflow is tailored to match the federal contracting sequence and helps you track bid opportunities from pre-solicitation through solicitation, proposal preparation, bid submittal and award. Awarded bids can be converted to an active project and managed with the tools available in other Adiona modules.

Project Execution

All members of your project team can collaborate and share information using Adiona. Superintendents can document daily activity and resolve issues quickly. Project managers coordinate communications with owners, architects, subcontractors and field staff. Project cost tracking helps identify budget risks and overall financial performance.

The superintendent can capture project status information, daily reports and progress photos and share it with other members of the team.

Project managers can coordinate the activities of all members of the team in the field and office. The information is accurate and can be shared with anyone as needed. Financial information can be captured from your accounting system and used by the project manager to confirm progress, identify trouble areas, and project the cost to complete the project.

Compliance Tracking

Contracts issued by the federal government for construction projects usually include reporting requirements to ensure that the contractor, suppliers and subcontractors are compliant with with all legal requirements.

Managing the information required to report compliance can be tedious and time consuming. The Adiona Compliance module can help you manage your compliance documents and track their status through the life cycle of the project .

The prime contractor typically needs to track multiple compliance documents for each subcontractor and supplier working on the project. The compliance summary provides a quick view of the status of the compliance items that are being tracked and the ability to quickly view any document.

Adiona’s Certified Payroll feature helps you collect and store the information reported by subcontractors and automates the reporting to the contracting agency.

A lien notice is used to inform the prime contractor that the sub or supplier has provided labor or material for the project in order to preserve their rights under the Miller Act. Adiona’s Lien Tracking module helps manage lien notices and lien waiver documents for all tiers of subs and suppliers working on the project.

Business Management

Business owners can monitor financial performance of each active project and how all projects are contributing to the overall business goals. Cost detail can be imported from your accounting system and is available to help analyze financial performance and project cost-to-complete for each project. WIP schedules can be produced for active and completed projects. Key Performance Indicators helps you monitor the health of your business.

Properly structured cost information can be imported from your accounting system and is available to project managers and the management team. The PM can track the financial performance and identify potential issues for his projects.

A cost-to-complete analysis involves reviewing all cost to date as well as committed costs and projecting the cost of the remaining tasks to complete the project. These projections are included in Work-in-Process calculations to determine the degree of completion of the project.

The WIP report is an accounting process that’s a component of a company’s balance sheet. It’s calculated for each accounting period and required on projects where the Percentage of Completion (POC) accounting method is used. WIP schedules are produced for individual projects, all active projects and projects completed in the current year.

A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets. High-level KPIs may focus on the overall performance of the business, while low-level KPIs may focus on processes in departments.

Job Costing

Job Costing is an industry standard practice for tracking costs of construction projects which provides a structured approach to understanding project financial performance. Construction accounting systems implement job costing by using cost codes that are modeled after the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Division standards. A cost code is assigned to each line item in the scope of work for tracking the costs associated with that item. Each cost code allows for a cost type to properly categorize every expense charged to a job.

QuickBooks is a general-purpose accounting system and most versions do not include job costing for construction. Attempts to develop QuickBooks ‘workarounds’ are often cumbersome and have been marginally successful. The desire to implement user friendly processes for tracking costs and integrates cost data with modern construction management systems led to the development of the Adiona job costing model. It can be implemented in Quickbooks Online and Desktop versions. Costs captured in Quickbooks using this model can be imported into the Adiona Business Management module and used for project financial analysis, cost-to-complete analysis and to produce WIP schedules.


Adiona’s training library contains information to help you get started quickly. The information is available as training videos, best practices, and process and procedure examples and templates.

The video library contains tutorials covering the major components of the system and instruction on using specific features. You can view individual videos of interest or watch the complete playlist for each subject. Videos about a specific topic can also be accessed with the video icon in the upper right of each page near the logout link.

Processes and Procedures

Articles describing industry best practices for small business prime contractors are available to help you understand how other companies manage their construction business and provide ideas that could be used in your company.

Sample processes and procedures are available for accounting, job costing, compliance, and project management

Examples of processes and procedures needed to insure your business operates efficiently are available for download.