Adiona’s training library contains information to help you get started quickly. The information is available as training videos, best practices, and process and procedure examples and templates.

The video library contains overviews the major components of the system and instruction on using specific features. You can view individual videos of interest or watch the complete playlist for each subject. Videos about a specific topic can also be accessed with the video icon in the upper right of each page near the logout link.

Links to articles describing industry best practices for small business prime contractors are available to help you understand how other companies manage their construction business and provide ideas that could be used in your company.

Examples of processes and procedures needed to insure your business operates efficiently are available for download.

Video Library

The video library is grouped into playlists by function. Each playlist has an overview that gives a brief description of important features. Detail instructions about using the feature are included for each playlist.


  • Video Tutorial Getting Started with SAMSearch™ – An introduction the the SAMSearch feature that helps you search the database for contract opportunities

  • Video Tutorial The Bidding Cycle – Summary of a typical bidding cycle and how to manage the process using Adiona’s Bidding module

  • Video TutorialTracking Qualified Leads – How to track leads that fit your project profile to help you select the projects to want to bid

  • Video Tutorial The Bid Calendar – Managing the bid proposal process including tracking proposal requirements, managing key due dates, submitting the response, tracking pending proposals, and analyzing your teams effectiveness


  • Video Tutorial Initial setup / Compliance Admin – Setting up the items and documents you want to track

  • Video Tutorial Getting Started – The compliance summary, status icons, viewing documents

  • Video Tutorial Managing subs and suppliers – Adding subs and suppliers to the project, default status, attaching documents

  • Video Tutorial Managing Compliance Status – Updating compliance status, viewing compliance history

Project Execution

  • Video Tutorial Project Execution – Adding a new project manually or from the Bidding module

Subcontractor and Contact Management

  • Video Tutorial Adding Contacts – Specify relationship type, assign division codes, and areas of performance

System Administration

  • Video Tutorial Site Administration – Adding users, assigning user rights, granting access to projects

Federal Contracting Reference

Links to federal contracting resources to help locate facilities soliciting construction vendors in your area.

Process and Procedure Examples

Sample processes and procedures are available for accounting, job costing, compliance, and project management