Federal construction projects that are available for bidding are normally posted on the procurement website (formerly  SAMSearch™ allows you to find opportunities by providing functionality similar to the previous FBO saved searches. You can create and save multiple searches and schedule email notifications when new opportunities are found or an opportunity you are tracking is updated. Basic SAMSearch™ is available at no cost by requesting a free account.

The Adiona Bidding module provides all of the Basic SAMSearch™ features plus automatic updates, lead tracking, a bid calendar, IFB manager, pending proposal summary, and a history of previous bidding activity. Subscriptions for individuals and small businesses are available for a small monthly fee. A 30 day free trial of any Adiona module is available by requesting an evaluation account.

The bidding module workflow is tailored to match the federal contracting sequence and helps you track bid opportunities from pre-solicitation through solicitation, proposal preparation, bid submittal and award. Awarded bids can be converted to an active project and managed with the tools available in other Adiona modules.

You can explore the many ways Adiona can help improve your bidding results by requesting a free evaluation.

Find Opportunities with SAMSearch

The first step in the process is to search the thousands on opportunities that are posted on the federal procurement website each week to locate the ones of interest for your company. SAMSearch™ was created to provide the functionality similar to the saved search features in FBO before contract opportunities were moved to You can create searches that specifies the type of projects you want to bid. The search can include the procuring agency, primary NAICS code, small business set-aside type or other criteria. You can refine the search and modify the criteria until you get the results you want. When you are satisfied with the results, you can save the search for later use or schedule it to notify you when new opportunities are posted.

The email notices you will receive give you a brief description of the projects and links to view your search results of the details for the project. You can track any projects of interest until you have the information you need to a make a bid decision.

Lead Tracking

Most projects posted for bidding follow a similar cycle. The first posting is frequently issued with a posting type of “Sources Sought” or “PreSolicitation”. These postings give advance notice that a solicitation will be issued for the project. You can mark these projects for tracking and receive email notifications when the posting is modified or updated. The drawings and specifications that are needed to make the Bid/NoBid decision are usually not available at this point in the cycle.

Proposal Preparation

You will be notified when the Solicitation is posted for projects you are tracking. The bid documents should contain the information you need for your bid decision. You can move the project to the bid calendar when you decide you want to submit a proposal.

The bid calendar allows you to track key dates and deliverables you need to include in your proposal.


The status of opportunities you are tracking is updated up until the award is made. If the award was made to a competitor, the tracking information is updated to include the awardee and the award amount. If the project was awarded to you, you can convert it to an active project and hand it off to the project execution team.