Contracts issued by the federal government for construction projects usually include reporting requirements to ensure that the contractor, suppliers and subcontractors are compliant with with all legal requirements.

Managing the information required to report compliance can be tedious and time consuming. The Adiona Compliance module can help you manage your compliance documents and track their status through the life cycle of the project .

A 30 day trial of the Adiona Compliance module is available by requesting a free evaluation account. After you complete your evaluation, you can continue with a subscription plan that meets your needs for a small monthly fee.

Manage Subcontractor Compliance Documents

The prime contractor typically needs to track multiple compliance documents for each subcontractor and supplier working on the project. The compliance summary provides a quick view of the status of the compliance items that are being tracked and the ability to quickly view any document.

Many compliance documents such as insurance could expire before the activity is complete and must be renewed. Status indicators will indicate when the expiration date is approaching and email notifications can be scheduled as needed. You have access to current and previous versions of each document.

A default template of compliance items is included to help you get started. You can remove any of the default and create custom items to meet your specific requirements.

Certified Payroll

Certified Payroll reporting is a requirement of most federal construction contracts. Prime contractors and subcontractors must provide the contracting agency a copy of all payrolls providing the information required by current wage regulations and must certify that the information is accurate and complete.

Adiona’s Certified Payroll feature helps you collect and store the information reported by subcontractors and automates the reporting to the contracting agency.

Lien Tracking

Prime contractor on federal construction contracts over $150,000 are required to post payment and performance under the rules of the Miller Act. The payment bond is to insure that subcontractors and suppliers are paid in a timely manner. First and second tier subcontractors and suppliers have a right to bring a civil action against the prime contractor if they are not paid for providing labor or material for the project.

A lien notice is used to inform the prime contractor that the sub or supplier has provided labor or material for the project in order to preserve their rights under the Miller Act. When the sub or supplier is paid, they will provide a lien waiver releasing the prime from the responsibilities described in the original lien notice. A sub or supplier may submit multiple lien notices and waivers over the course of the project.

Adiona’s Lien Tracking module helps manage the lien notices and lien waiver documents for all tiers of subs and suppliers working on the project.